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  • Mando Diao

  • Following the sold out European BANG tour, Mando Diao has been looking forward to meeting the audience again at this summers festivals . It has been frustrating for a band that feeds so extensively off the energy they receive from their fans. 30 plus shows in over 10 countries have been cancelled and they are missing out on playing in front of over half a million people. Not being able tour, the band stayed home and focused on releasing their 2nd Swedish album, the first in 8 years but they are hungry to play live and do what they have done every summer since 2003.
    Lets get together to celebrate music, the summer, life, and have a party. Grab a drink, turn it way up and lets dance like we are in a huge crowd!

  •  https://mandodiao.com/
  •  carlos@summit-management.se