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Irina Nikitina 

Happy Birthday Bjorn! Health and good luck! We look forward to new concerts, better live ones, but online too. We miss you guys!

Elfi Werner 

And noooooow 💖😍💖 MANDO DIAO Delight 💖💖💖💖

Elfi Werner 

Pure Love to Mando Diao 💖💖💖 This concert is a treasure

Irina Nikitina 

One of the best moments of the last year ... We miss and hope that normal life will return 👋

Elfi Werner 

Ohh I logged in again and it is just wonderful to watch the concert <3 <3 <3 Tack Tack Tack, Mando Diao <3 <3 <3

Elfi Werner 

Yeahhhhh Jumping and dancing to MANDO DIAO here 💖💖💖 Next year in front of the stages AGAIN 💖😍💖

Elfi Werner 

My heart will stay in front of your next concert , Mando Diao 💖💖💖 We are so grateful that we can still watch this marvelous performance here and will do so again this evening 💖💖💖

Cosima Haas 

i'm glad we can see it over and over again, it's just in my break at work then I'm getting better 🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗

Elfi Werner 

💖 Mando Diao 💖 Your Münster Concert was a shere blessing with all its good , healthy vibes 💖💖💖 Together we will stand the Corona-Challenge 💞💞💞 Looking forward to new concepts for winter concerts to be developed 💞💞💞 Until Normal will come back again 💖😘💖

Cosima Haas 

we are in Münster and look forward to a mega concert top weather mega Sound Check 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Tobias Glötzl 

What a fantastic concert! Great that it is still online!

Elfi Werner 

💖 For Ill send your vibes up to the stage , Susanne 💞💞💞 And thinking of you 💞💞💞😘 Ohh MandoDiao, maybe you can share this tremendous concert on Youtube ? Its such an unique, cool piece of Art 💖💎💖

Susanne Brach 

..so cool 😎 its still online 💃🏼🎸🎶 netherless iam a bit sad not to be able to come to Münster , but all Mando fans outside enjoy this great chance to listen to great music, have fun😘🎸💃🏼and dance for me as well🙏also mentally sitting on a chair😁😅😘

Cosima Haas 

i hope we'll see you in Münster 🥰😍

Elfi Werner 

💖💖💖 Pure Delight again and again 💖💖💖 Thank you so much for keeping the Livestream open 💖💖💖

Martina Zenz 

It´s saturday! Susi and Martina get free! :-)

Elfi Werner 

💎💎💎 What a jewel 💎💎💎 MandoDiao are an artmovement - developing on and on 💖💖💖

Cosima Haas 

We love it 🥰

Marie erkersson 

Pure inspiration🥰

Hasse G 

Har tittat på konserten en gång till,. Strax får vi se er live på TV4 och C-more i "Lotta på Liseberg" Hoppas på Long, Long Way ;-)

Susanne Brach 

it just makes me happy to hear your music over and over again!! GREAT - can't stop watching it!! it brings the senses to life!! Thank you Mando Diao and everybody who makes it possible -see ya ;-)

Nadine Dreismann 

watching you pushes me through life. thank you for that 💕and pls take care!

Irina Nikitina 

Thanks for replay. There was great work of the whole team. And let me add the word "СПАСИБО". I hope it will be useful next February 🤞💕

Maggie SB 

... Ich würde mir dieses wunderbare Erlebnis als DVD kaufen, damit ich es immer wieder genießen kann... Love it so much ❤️

Cosima Haas 

i'm looking at it for the second time and I'm still absolutely excited🥰😍 I am watching again and again you are the best

Susanne Brach 

Großartig 💃🏼❤️💥 love it 🎶 please give us few more days for watching again and again...

Elfi Werner 

Every time while we are watching we find new facets of fine artwork in this new milestone of MandoDiao s creating 💎💎💎💎💎 On stage by the band and around the whole performance 💖😍💖 Maybe you can record and keep it ? Would be just wonderful 💖💖💖

Martina Zenz 

thank you guys, you are simply the best!! hopefully see ya soon live again!! bavarian greets!!

Martina Zenz 

Finally Susi and Martina at the start!!!!

John Barth 

Hej, Mando from Burns Lake BC almost as good as Borlinge! Keep on keeping on guys!!

Anne Pries 

Thank You for the replay! Awesome to hear live music these days ...and it's so good

Maggie SB 

Schwebe auf allen Wolken ✨ Danke für das tolle Konzert ❤️

Helene Reiff 

Mindblowing! Thank YOU! When will you guys go out to concerts???

Tobias Glötzl 

Thank you guys for this stunning concert🤯💥. The whole team did an amazing job!!! 😮👏

Anki Kihlberg 

Så jättebra! Kan man hoppas på en repris Anki

Irina Nikitina 

I'm watching again and again... Fantastic setlist 😍👌

Elfi Werner 

Marvelous Livestream 💖Awesome new and classic songs 💖 Thank you for this Joy, Mando Diao 💖💖💖 And my Heart stays in front of the stage until the next concert 💖😍💖

Kathleen Cürten 

Thanks a lot for giving us an evening full of music. It was great! :)

Maggie SB 

Ich dachte schon, es ist mein Internet 🙈 bin bei so fast jedem Song gefühlt alle 5 Sekunden rausgeflogen. Sehr schade 😪

Yvonne Olsson 

Vilken urladdning!💥 Till och med mobilen tvär dog efter Magic kiss. Society: Bästa versionen, ever! Tack!💋

Elfi Werner 

💖 All Hearts to Mando Diao 💖

Susanne Lundvall 


Tammy bamgbose 

Thank you guys 🦋💝🦋🎶🎶🎶

Vivika Laupenmühlen 

Thanks for the great show 🙏🏻♥️

Ursi Hamburger 

Good night everybody..., it was a pleasure to see you boys.

Doris Cadonau 

Den stora frågan är: vem är vargen?!?!?!

Dajana Plank 

Thank you!!! It was great ❤️

Herta Dinkelaker 

Thank you so much for this fantastic evening guys, you are brilliant! 😍😍😍

Lina Würfel 

Tusen takk fra Bergen! Dette gjorde dagen min! ❤️

Cosima Haas 

Thank you greetings from Frankfurt 😍😍😍🥰

Kofraval strauchs 

Tack så jättemycket! 🙏🏻

Soile Brunberg 

Wow😍tusen tack för ikväll,,,

Kenth Östman 


Doris Cadonau 

Tusen tack grabbar, det var grymt!!!

Valeria Restrepo 

that was amazing. Thank you guys. I love you!! Greetings from Colombia!!

Anna bolim 


Marie Nilsson 

Tack! Grymt bra som vanligt!<3

Sadie InWonderland 

And when we can drink beer together?

Ingolf Ola 

Pappa Ingolf tackar er alla för en djä----- bra kväll.

Anja Losansky 

Merci 💜💟💜💟🌈

Sanna Marjomaa 

One 😘 to technician-Jens!🔥

Tiina Rajala 

Kiitos - Tack❤️❤️❤️

Lauranne Cb 

Merci pour ce magnifique concert! So fun!

Marco Monti 


Tobbe Lorentz 


Maria Eneling 

Tusen tack för showen! 👏🙏❤️

allium giganteum 

That was fun, thank you ♥

Agneta Jansson 

Tack snälla ni!❤️

Pär Åström 

sååååååååååå braaaaaaaa

Greger nilsso 

Grymt bra konsert ! Tack 🙏

Marie Jakobsson 

Fantastiskt ❤️❤️❤️

Helena Vinlöf 


Märta carlafors 

👏 Tack för en bra konsert 🤗💕

Elin Sjögedahl 

Tack och tack och 🤘🤘🤘💕💕💕

Åsa Johansson 

Mer mer mer

Anneli Odenstad 

Tack för showen! Sååå bra 💖

Maria Broberg 

TACK!!!!! Fantastiskt bra

Bodil andersson 

Tack för en underbar kväll, detta behövde världen💕

Pernilla Obing 

Det bästa som hänt på länge, TACK!

Annett Pitt 


Hasse G 

Thanks CU

Elin Sjögedahl 

Jaaaa! Vill ha mer och mer och mer!!

Hans Östlin 

Grymt bra, stort tack för showen!

Cosima Haas 

Mega mega 🥰😍😍😍👍👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thomas Hansen 

Love from Copenhagen.. when Can i get the Mew ep?? Thanks 4 the koncert

Lulu Waselius 


Marco Monti 


Vera Wejner 

Thank you!!!

Ian Watson 

Great show gentlemen. Looking forward to the next one

Urban Jangren 

Thank you !

Maria Viderud 

Såååå jäkla bra. Blir f-n kär på livet och hög på musiken. Längtar efter att få njuta av er live ❤ Men denna konsert, ljud, ljus, show Toppbetyg 👍👍👍👍👍👍 TACK!

Sara Nyström 


Marco Monti 

see ???

Eva Frick 


Birgitta Lennox 

❤️ Magic

Mette Synøve Nordby 


Susanna Angervik 

Ni är bäst Mando Diao, längtar grymt mycket till sommaren 2021 med er!

Andrea Rathmann 

Tack! Vi ses 12.06.21!!

Christine Franten 


Åsa Kronblad 

Amazing - pls again and again